Contributing New Ideas

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Contributing New Ideas

Post  Xochie on Tue Mar 18, 2008 2:33 am

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven New Ideas for PokeRealm Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

Anyone is welcome to contribute new ideas to the ever-growing game of PokeRealm. To send your idea in, just post a new topic in the following format::

Subject ~ New Idea: ((Main Idea - A few words))
Message ~ ((Your idea in lots of detail.))

Sub... New Idea: Having Experience Points
Mes... I think that we should have experience points for doing things and when it maxes out you can do level up and do more advanced things. This is an available feature in this free forums (bar) and I have tested this. We could have PokeMasters to change the exp after each thing. What do you think?

Please, make the features you suggest VERY basic indeed. No programming please. This is a text-based game, and an odd little feature is added (like exp, pokemons etc.) because it is easy, and this free forum provides it, plus it's for recording. Also, I have no idea what-so-ever on doing an advanced coding thing. Crying or Very sad(Teach me if you like. I mean it! Twisted Evil)

Only suggest 'features' if you've had a look at what this forum can do easily, or have tried a certain code and it WORKS (slim chance. xD), or text-based stuff. Signatures are hard maintain (as in, everybody doing stuff in their signature), but it might work. Don't let any of this bug you though, just suggest away! Smile

This way, people can easily realise that your post is about a new idea, and they can discuss it with you. Don't be worried at all if no moderators or PokeMasters come to your topic. We have probably noticed it already, and thought about it.

Sometimes we will reply telling you our opinion of this idea, and if we have accepted it or not. If you think it's ignored, don't contact us, just post some more in that topic to bump it up a bit!

So... there you go! Now head on forwards and suggest ways to make this game more fun, more interesting and way more organised! Who knows, maybe your idea will be one of the most popular things! Good luck! Razz


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