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How it all Runs

Post  Xochie on Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:42 am

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Number 1 thing in this game, that you absolutely have to be aware of is... patience! The more patient you are, the more smoothly the game will run... for everyone. I know these things take time, and patience to wait for approval before you carry on 'playing', and if that's something you absolutely cannot achieve, I can't ask for more can I?

Just take a deep breath, and try your best, if it's impossible, then come back in a few months. Who knows? This may still be running - and running BETTER than before. And you'll be so amazed! Shocked
(Yes I have to admit that last sentence was indeed to use that awesome smilie).

Well, this game is sort of run by two parts. One is the basic player - that is, you. You are the one who makes decisions for yourself, and actually play the game - travelling, resting, catching pokemons and training etc. That is, if you are not a... PokeMaster! So, moving on to that.

The second part is the PokeMasters, or commonly known as PMs. These are similar to administrators, except they are NOT the staff of the site (who makes all the decisions and posts news and events etc.) However, they are super helpful people who are specially chosen to help out. They will sort of be your 'system messages', (if you get what I mean). Wink Don't worry, I'm certain the examples below will definitely clear everything up.

Here are some roleplays of this roleplaying game ...Cool.
Player 1 comes into A Random Path (Er... that's made up xD) forum.
Player 1: 'Player 1' stumbles through a thicket of thorn bushes, onto the quietness of the glade. She shades her eyes from the eye-blinding sun and hurries towards the group huddled on the path.
((I'm arriving here!))
PM 1 notices post.
PM1: A young PokeMaster hurries over and forms a half-bow to the newcomer.
"He-- Hello! he stammers, smiling gratefully for something to do at last. "Are you stopping by?"
((Hello! You are now at A Dusty Path!))

Player 2 walks into Oonasl Town (that's made up also) Pokeshop.
Player 2: "Hello?" 'Player 2' calls out, shattering the silence of the small dusty shop, "Anybody there?"
With no reply, he proceeds deeper into the store.
((Heya, I need 2 pokeballs.))
PM 2 notices post.
PM2: A PokeMaster taps 'Player 2' gently on the shoulder, but making him jump in surprise all the same.
"Hello," the PokeMaster croaked, "what may I offer to this young adventurer?"
"Er... I -- was thinking about some pokeballs-- 2 in fact." he babbled, faking a smile at the grey shadow before him.
The PokeMaster fumbles at the back of the shop for a few seconds, then sets a paper bag on the old table top.
((Given you 2 Pokeballs. Good luck. Anything else you suddenly want right now? xD))

So there are the examples. I think you should now understand the different roles of the two communities in PokeRealm. Just to sum it up though, the player is the one who ASKS and the PM is the one who ANSWERS. Shouldn't be too hard - just remember that!

More specific things that people, especially PokeMasters, do are explained more in detail in the other threads.

So, have fun in PokeRealm (... how very original.) !!


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