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Guidelines - Asking for Help & Helping

Post  Xochie on Sat Mar 15, 2008 9:48 pm

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This forum is specially designed for asking for help (and other things). To ask for help, just post the question in the subject, and elaborate in the message. For example,
Subject: 'How can I battle other PokeRealm players?' NOT 'Battling Players' (this needs a bit more detail) and NOT 'Battle' (this needs a lot more detail).
Message:'Hello, I was wondering how you would battle other players in this game? Thanks!' NOT '... so, help me? Wink' (if you have not been really specific in the subject. If you have, something like this would be alright. But generally, a detailed message would be sweet and helpful. Sometimes short and snappy does the job better though. Just use your common sense (I... sound like my schoolteacher Very Happy)!)

Anyone may be a great member and answer questions, but make sure that you definitely know the answer (or otherwise, say I think that this is the answer). Also, try and be quite detailed, so people can understand easily (don't use things like something only you and the asker would understand, because others may be searching for an answer also.) Example, 'I think you might go to the Player Battle topic, 4th one from the bottom.' NOT '...Player Battle!!' (I know, this exaggerates a bit.)

So there you go, some easy guidelines. Feel free to post if you think that there is anything that I can add! Good luck.


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